So I wake up this morning and check the usual technology blogs to find that the Apple Store is down for updates. The footer shows 403 comments, so the insane discussion has already started.

“Maybe they are doing five models instead of three.”
“Maybe they are adding Santa Rosa”
“I bet they’re new iPods!”

The fever pitch builds until finally, “They just bumped the CPU speed, otherwise it’s the same.” Follow that up with the eventual “This sucks, I’m just going to go buy a Dell.”

As demented and sad as it is, that’s the social fervor that comes with each Apple product announcement. Prognosticators telling the future as if they had an inside line to Jobs himself standing virtually alongside those who proclaim to be clueless and just bought a MacBook yesterday wondering if they could exchange it for the new one.

Maybe the whole Web 2.0 thing is more about product marketing than socialization after all.