Last night was a short night for me. After downloading the update, I applauded the new raid window that actually shows dead people. And imagine my surprise when I got a raid invite while standing in Beggar’s Court – another new feature. So I start to truck off to Everfrost and whoa, no more tickets to there and new tickets to TS? It seems that TS and Nek are finally the hubs of the world and you can now go to any of the higher zones (Zek, EL, EF, LS, Ferrott) from those two docks. Pretty slick, now we can see those two areas being key staging points and I even saw a TS2 for a change.

I’m going to try to do the gate quest once I figure out the details, I can’t imagine it is too hard, but you never know. There also seemed to be some nicely polished features as well that were due for some fixin’. Details of the update can be found on the live patch notes link on the right.

Oh, and we raided two zones while I was on and got two metal (with fabled items in each) and a ton of rare harvests from the woods that dropped off the adds.