Well, finished my first level in the new expansion. I found some great spots inside Living Tombs for exploration and soloing (along with great loot). I’ve come to the conclusion that it is actually better XP to solo at this point, since it’s impossible to easily group and take out orange or higher groups. So soloing yellow single or double down groups nets more XP in the same amount of time. At least, that’s my thought at this point, that could change depending upon how things are at later levels.

At 51, you don’t get anything for free, so I was lucky enough to have one of my Adept I spells in the bank from a drop. We also have a jeweler in the guild that is getting close to 60 (Maswov), so he’ll likely get me the rest of the spells that I need. I also need to spend some idle time doing even more harvesting as rares don’t seem to be as rare as they were before the expansion. Time will tell, but I’ve not harvested nearly as much as I used to in RV and the rare return rate has been pretty decent.

Raiding is still a big IF, based on the combat changes and such. Going after level 50 targets at level 60 doesn’t sound like fun, but the encounters are so overpowering at this point, it’s not worth the debt at this point. We’re still going to give it a shot, but Sony seriously screwed the high level guilds by not at least giving the epic encounters a first pass with the combat changes. From what I’ve read and experienced, nobody can be raiding at this point with any success.