Last night, after harvesting for an hour or so, I got into a guild group in the Shimmering Citadel. We fought for at least a couple of hours non-stop. And I mean, we never stopped at all, period. We had power regen songs, power HOs and gear to keep power but basically had to pace ourselves to keep from running out. And it was funny as hell. The spot we fought at was a constantly resupply of mobs as we moved around the zone. It was nuts, some of the silliest XP I’ve gotten in a long time.

That being said, it was about 15-20% xp total for the night. :(

I also harvested some Lambent Stones and a Excellent Pelt (which Maswov made into a belt that has great stats and superb magic/poison resists).

Now if I can just get some rare wood to get a nice new bow made (once imbued recipes are in the books).