Well, play time has been limited the last couple of days, but Wednesday night we went into Court of Al’Afaz and cleared it. I got a radiant torque (mainly because nobody else wanted it and it represented a minor upgrade from my Amulet of the Swords of Ro). I think overall we managed to get some good loot, including some masters that aren’t upgraded until after 70.

Thursday night we went into the Pedestal of Sky to face the two dragons. After one failed attempt, we got the DPS under control and managed to keep them withing 2-3% of each other all the way down to zero. It was a great victory and showed some serious focus by the entire guild. After we finished with the two dragons, we went to Bonemire to attempt some epic encounters there. Results weren’t as good, we were mostly just learning to find out what to expect. We found a T7 encounter that appears to operate a lot like the Kra’Thuk did back in Everfrost. We’ll expect to experiment more with that later.

After the guild raids, we put together a group to hit Halls of Fate. It took a few hours, but we cleared it to the end resulting in a quest update for the dirge hat. After the run, I was exhausted and fell off the stupid chains like eight times in a row. I seemed to think that I was seeing things. The next time I logged on I discovered the problem that I had not noticed before – they changed the max distance you can zoom out your character. I was just a tiny spec on the screen compared to the previous limit, and that was throwing off my entire sense of distance. So today, I ran up the chain, did the last step and got my dirge hat. Now I just need two more levels to wear it.

Two? I’m only 64, but I’m so close to dinging 65 it doesn’t matter. I just ran out of time today. I’ll ding and get to try out Oration of Sacrifice soon. I’ve read mixed reviews, but I think there has to be a combo that makes this spell very useful. Otherwise, Sony would just be nuts for making it and Sony doesn’t do things without a reason.

Wait, what am I saying. It is SOE we are talking about.