Okay, so I’ve written about this enough that it’s obvious I’ve been trying to figure out WHO is behind the videos and whether they are the fun videos of a group of kids or if there is a shadow corporation in the background trying to promote an agenda. Well, a few of us got together and did some solid research the other night. The results of that research are available here. Through some real investigative techniques, we managed to get within what we believe are a few miles of where LG15 and DanielBeast are operating their video productions.

The latest outdoor video includes shots of plants native ONLY to that area confirms our research and we can say with a very high degree of certainty that they are in the Mountain View/San Mateo are of California. San Mateo happens to be the headquarters of YouTube, so if there is a corporation that would gain from the popularity of the videos, can you hazard a guess which one?

At this point, I’m done researching, I think I’ve certainly come close enough to feel as though victory has been achieved. I’ll leave it up to the local media to knock on her door and get an interview!