Last report the demo was pretty unplayable on my system. Well, I dropped the resolution to a tasty 1024x680 and dropped almost all the sliders to low and managed to get enough FPS to make it passable as a game and not a slideslow. I cranked through the demo pretty easily after that.

I must say, as a game the things looks awesome. The atmosphere, the music, the environmental audio cues, the voicing, it’s all top notch sound work. The graphics I can’t really judge given my low-end system, but what I could see looked very very nice. I can’t imagine the game on an SLI Vista system with DirectX 10 – the shaders have to be downright amazing.

I’m probably going to buy the game, likely on Steam, but not until I have some time to play it. I’m concerned about playing it on the low end system I have today – I may wait for a system upgrade to give it another shot. Several have reported that it does well on a MacBook Pro with the 8600 GT so that might be my out come October when Leopard is released. I’m in no rush, it’s a single player campaign so no big deal there. Plus, I plan to get the Orange Box as well (on Steam, of course) for TeamFortress 2 – a game that demands a mouse/keyboard for the best action.

Oh, on that note, Steam has a new video “The Soldier” available to watch. It’s pretty hilarious. I can’t wait for Team Fortress 2 – it’s been so long and the gameplay looks awesome so far!