Well, not amazing, but playable. I upgraded to the new 163.44 beta drivers tuned for BioShock and managed to get a playable game. Of course, I’m only at 1024x640, but that’s really not much less than the resolution you would get on an XBOX 360. Running FRAPS, I get a pretty consistent 15 FPS with everything that can be set on high set on high. Of course, in a crowd it gets a little bit lower but I’m only playing the demo at this point. It looks pretty damn nice with everything turned on, that’s for sure.

I’m probably going to go ahead and buy the game now, since I found out I can play it. I don’t really have time right now, so I’ll wait and see if it goes on sale at Best Buy or something in the next couple of weeks. No need to pay retail if it’s just going to sit in a box anyway. Once I get the actual game, I’ll certainly add the FOV hack to make it work properly in 16:10, the aspect ratio of my laptop display. Of course, with all the uproar, it’s likely they’ll have a patch to the game by then that makes it available from the menu.

I’ve read that some people have already finished the game in around 20 hours of game play, which certainly isn’t a bad amount of content for the price. Replay is pretty low given there is no multiplayer, but that’s what TeamFortress 2 is all about!