I’ve just finished Neptune’s Bounty in BioShock. The game continues to amaze in the depth of the story and the creativity of the content. The way some of the encounters are setup reminds me of some really good raid designs in EQ2, but this time I’m a lone soldier on a desperate mission to free the… Wait. This isn’t some kind of movie trailer.

It’s the ongoing story of what is easily one of the best FPS games to be released… ever. The game is amazing and I continue to enjoy working hard to advance the storyline. The audio diaries, the interactive characters, the chases, the power-ups, the plasmids, the little sisters. The audio cues in this game are just one of the ways the game sets itself up.

Another thing that just continues to amaze is how each encounter has different challenges. Studying your targets before attacking (with the camera), learning about their weaknesses, analyzing the layout of an encounter and determining how best to use the environments, bots, cameras, turrets, and other resources to avoid dying and obtain that ultimate victory is just mind blowing. This is definitely not your run of the mill shoot first and loot the bodies later FPS. It’s an entirely new thread in the FPS story.

If you have not bought it yet, get off your ass and get it. It’s a don’t miss title, just look at all the 10/10 reviews around the web from magazines that never give over a 9.3 on a typical day.